Analysis of the Meaning of Life for the Elderly in Coping Loneliness Problem on Film Sweet Bean


  • Manda Rosa Yanti UIN Kiai Haji Achmad Siddiq Jember



the elderly, loneliness, meaning in life


Not everyone can reach the elderly phase, but loneliness is often experienced by those who reach that phase. Loneliness here includes social and emotional emptiness, sometimes making them wish for death. However, there are elderly people who have a positive understanding of life, considering it as an incentive for meaningful activities. Making sense of life is not only for the young, but is also important for the elderly. The meaning of life can help them overcome loneliness and social problems. Movies like "Sweet Bean" shows how the elderly view their lives positively even though they are faced with physical problems, such as the main character who remains enthusiastic even though he is suffering from leprosy. Seeing this, research was conducted to explore the picture of loneliness experienced by the elderly and how the meaning of life helps overcome these problems in the context of the film Sweet Bean. The research uses a qualitative approach with descriptive research. Data collection techniques include documentation and observation.


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