• Attanwir : Jurnal Keislaman dan Pendidikan

    This journal contains the publication of research results in the field of Islamic studies and education

  • Al-Ihath: Jurnal Bimbingan dan Konseling Islam

    Al-Ihath: Jurnal Bimbingan dan Konseling Islam is a scientific journal published by the Department of Islamic Guidance and Counseling, Faculty of Da'wah, Bojonegoro Islamic High School. This journal publishes scientific research results in developing concepts and theories related to the study of Islamic Guidance and Counseling including Islamic education counseling guidance, Islamic mental counseling guidance, Islamic career counseling guidance, sakinah family counseling guidance, post-disaster counseling guidance, Islamic spiritual counseling guidance; Islamic counseling: social-religious counseling, counseling on drug control, family planning counseling, adolescent counseling; BKI media: Islamic e-counseling; Islamic training, and Islamic motivation. Manuscripts that are submitted to the journal editor before publication will pass an assessment through a double blind review, meaning that neither the author nor the reviewer know each other.

  • al Akhbār: Jurnal Pendidikan Bahasa Arab

    al Akhbār: Jurnal Pendidikan Bahasa Arab is a peer-reviewed journal on Arabic education in the world. This journal is published by the Arabic Education Department, Faculty of Education and Teacher Training, Institut Attanwir Bojonegoro, Indonesia. Scholars, researchers, and practitioners of Arabic education from all over the world are invited to submit scholarly articles to be published in this journal by the editors. Expert review will precede publishing acceptance for all articles. The content of articles that are published is the complete responsibility of each author. Original research papers, reviews, and brief communications are all included in this journal. this journal is published every year 2 times in april and October. researchers can submit articles in the form of Indonesian, English and Arabic in accordance with the scoe and the focus of the Journal and adapted to existing templates.


    TAWAZUN: JURNAL EKONOMI SYARIAH published by the Department of Islamic Economics, Bojonegoro Islamic High School. Published twice a year, in June. E-ISSN 2808-3679 This journal focuses on providing quality research in the fields of economics, banking and Islamic finance. This journal aims to discuss topics of great importance in modern Islamic economics and finance. The language used is English or Indonesian. The editors invite researchers, lecturers, reviewers, industry practitioners, and observers to contribute. The Islamic Economics Journal (TAWAZUN: JURNAL EKONOMI SYARIAH) focuses on the main problems in the development of Islamic economics and business in the form of conceptual thoughts/ideas and research results.

  • SALIMA: Jurnal Pendidikan Guru MI

    SALIMA: Journal of Teacher Education MI is a journal published in the Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Teacher Education Study Program at ISLAMIC RELIGIOUS HIGH SCHOOL (STAI ATTANWIR Bojonegoro). This journal is published twice a year in May. Furthermore, this journal is published in an online version. The focus of this journal is to contain research articles on Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Teacher Education/SD/MI/SD Teacher Education, such as competency analysis, learning strategies, learning theory, learning development, educator professionalism, and research results. Reviewers will review each article submitted. The review process uses a double-blind review. In this type of peer review, the author does not know who the reviewer is. This is the most common form of peer review among science journals. SALIMA: MI Teacher Education Journal which is supported to publish quality articles and provide positive results for scientific developments related to the journal's focus. You should ensure that your writing is prepared using Article Templates and Read carefully the submission guidelines. Submit your paper in English or Indonesian. If you have any problems with the journal, please contact us at

  • As-Suluk: Jurnal Manajemen Pendidikan Islam

    As-Suluk Journal is a research journal and Islamic education management article. This journal is published by the Department of Islamic Education Management, Attanwir Bojonegoro Islamic School. Islamic management and education is a special topic. There is not only part of Islamic Studies but also part of education. Intended to communicate original researchers, issues, and book reviews. The purpose and scope of the Journal is related to Islamic Education Management, Leadership, School Management, Knowledge Management which includes textual investigation and fieldwork with various perspectives on Education, Philosophy, History, Theology, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science, and others.